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Services and Pricing Information

Sign Gypsies Greensburg would love to help you celebrate all of your special occasions!
**Please read ALL of the information below BEFORE completing the Booking Form**

*Our most popular packages are our MEGA options: signs, numbers & frames. These greetings are about 15-20 feet wide.
*Full HAPPY BIRTHDAY set ups are 20+ feet wide and 6-8 feet between 2 rows so it will require ample space.
*We are an all-inclusive service. We handle the design, delivery, set up and removal of greetings. Greetings are designed using the information you provide with regards to color choices, theme and interests of recipient.
* All greetings automatically come with an assortment of graphics: balloons, stars, birthday items, and personal interests or hobbies (based off availability). Please note that we do not use any trademarked images such as Disney, Roblox, Avengers, etc.
*If recipient is aged 21 or older, please let us know if the use of alcohol related items is approved (beer, champagne, wine, whiskey, etc.) None will be included unless authorized.
*Deliveries and pickups will be between 5pm-10pm the evening before your event. We schedule our deliveries in a geographical manner. Specific delivery time requests are not available. If you have a party that the sign is being used for, please let us know the timeframe and we will try to accommodate that for pickup.
*An adult in the home must be notified of the upcoming delivery and must ensure the ground is prepared.
* Set ups remain in place for about 24 hours.
* Specific set up location must be noted on request form. Ground must be saturated with water in the days leading up to delivery and must be free of tree roots, rocks, cement, dog poop etc. Stakes must easily enter the ground a minimum of 6”. No refunds are given if ground is unprepared or unacceptable for installation. We will not hammer stakes into the ground.
*Please visit our Facebook page to view additional photos of our greeting packages.
*Packages include one name and age but you may opt to not include these in your sign.
* We design, deliver, set up and pick up your greeting. We do not allow self-install.
*Final price based upon mileage. See chart below.

Mileage rate chart
*We calculate the mileage to the requested delivery address from 150 Courthouse Sq., Greensburg, IN 47240
0-15 mile radius = base rate stated
16-25 mile radius = add $10 to base rate
26-35 mile radius = add $20 to base rate
* Discount rates are offered to schools, churches, charity organizations, realtors and businesses. Please contact us for details. (EXCLUDES graduation greetings.)
*RUSH FEE: Booking requests with less than 24 hours notice are subject to availability and will have a RUSH FEE automatically added the invoice: $25 Mon-Thurs, $50 Fri-Sat.
*The only exception to this will be new baby greetings. Baby greetings are subject to availability and delivery schedule.

PACKAGE OPTIONS: (Orders must be placed by package number.)

1. MEGA NUMBERS with one name & age – Starting at $75
*Our 5 ft tall numbers are a fun way to celebrate all ages in a BIG way! These numbers include a name, balloons, stars, birthday graphics and additional graphics based on interests and hobbies. Numbers are offered in Silver and Gold. (see example for Emily and Carter below)

2. PHOTO FRAMES with one name & age – Starting at $75
*These frames offer a fun place to take pictures with your sign!
(refer to Amelia and Back to School examples)

3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGA SIGN with one name & age – Starting at $75
* Happy Birthday on one large board that will include name, age, balloons, stars, birthday graphics, and any personal interest graphics. Multiple styles available – see FB for more pictures.
(see Nolan, Andrew and Jenni examples below)

4. FULL HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY SWEET 16 spelled out with one name & age – Starting at $85
* Spelled out with individual letters and includes name and age, balloons, stars, birthday graphics and any personal interest graphics. This style of sign requires a large clear area of yard, not suggested for tiny narrow yards or pie shaped yards.
(see examples for Dana and Hannah)

5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MEGA SIGN with 2 names or Mr. & Mrs. Name – Starting at $85
*This sign features our Happy Anniversary board. It is beautiful and really sets
an elegant tone to the sign. (see examples below)

6. FULL HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SIGN spelled out with 2 names or Mr. & Mrs. Name, and year – Starting at $95
*Happy Anniversary spelled out with number of years married and names. This style of sign requires a large clear area of yard, not suggested for tiny narrow yards or pie shaped yards.

7. HAPPY RETIREMENT MEGA SIGN with one name & age – Starting at $75

8. GRADUATION greeting packages include “Congrats” with one name and available Graduation graphics – Starting at $75
* We have a variety of ways to spell out CONGRATS including individual letters and fold out boards in a variety of fonts. Most are available in Black, Gold or Silver. If you have a color preference, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
* Be sure to let us know your school colors or if you want to use non-traditional colors in your greeting.
* Let us know if your graduate is heading to college.
* If your graduate participated in any sports or clubs that you would like us to try and incorporate, please be sure to document this information as well.

9. NEW BABY greeting includes Welcome Home or Welcome with one name – Starting at $75

10. CUSTOM PHRASES up to 20 letters, numbers or characters – Starting at $115 (excludes graduation)
* Custom greetings are available on a VERY LIMITED basis. (Coordinating themed graphics, balloons & stars are not included in the 20 character limit as these are automatically part of the design of the greeting.) The set up is usually 15-25 feet wide and at least 6 feet between rows. These greetings are for 24 hours and will be subject to availability. Extended phrases will be $25 per 10 more letters. Be sure to let us know your SPECIFIC wording of request. Custom phrases are subject to approval.
* Examples could be but are not limited to…Honk! Aiden is 10 – Lordy Lordy Amy is 40! – 50 & Fabulous, etc. The sign will also include balloons, stars, birthday graphics and personal interest graphics.

Add on options:
*Additional names can be added for $10 each.
*Mega Numbers can be added to greeting packages for $10 more.
*Photo frames can be added to any greeting package for $10 more.
*Mega Stork may be added to baby greetings for $25 more.
*Additional days can be purchased for $40 each (for non-graduation greetings.)

Hours of Operation and Invoicing:
*Office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
*ALL booking requests must be submitted online.
*Invoicing is done Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm After your booking request is processed you will receive an email from us and an invoice via email through Square where you will be able to easily pay online. Please check your SPAM email folder if you do not see it.
*If a RUSH ORDER booking request is being submitted outside of invoicing hours please TEXT us at 812-651-0064 to check for availability and to ensure your order is not missed.
*Please review ALL rules and regulations that will be stated on your invoice.

Contact information:
phone – 812-651-0064
email – (preferred)

We look forward to helping you celebrate!

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Sign Gypsies makes it super simple, & we take care of everything for you! A yard greeting includes a personalized phrase, delivery, set-up, & pick up approximately 24 hours later. Coordinating graphics and stars add the perfect finishing touch to your custom greeting!

Sign Gypsies will help you celebrate Birthdays, Birth Announcements, Gender Reveals, Welcome Home, Graduations, Engagements, Over the Hill, Prom/Homecoming, 1st Day of School, Making the Team, Sports, Congratulations, Open House, Festivals, School Events, and Community Events.

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